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/Vintage Raincoat/ Levis Overalls/ Zara Turtleneck/

Me and my dog, we're both waaay too much into water. Spending time at the beach whether it's winteror  summer time is still our favourite thing to do (Leon actually has never spent a summer living near the sea, he's only 8 months old but we're getting there, only few months left !). Walking (or in my case chasing) your dog with sand and water around is not easy or pleasant for your clothes, anyway we gotta deal with it. Last year I was looking for a nice raincoat, found these from Rains (so so in love !), couldn't really decide on which one to pick. At the same time I found this black oversized anorak in a vintage shop and I must say I couldn't want more. It's perfect. Black, simple, with a huge hood.

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