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Here are some things I like to keep in my bag. I wanted to buy a nice spring bag for myself and I decided to go for this one from Pepe Jeans. I don't carry much stuff with me but beside things like phone or keys I always have my Clavin Klein wallet with me. I'm not one of these girls who won't leave their houses without wearing makeup but I must say I kinda feel naked if I'm not wearing a lipstick. I always have my fav ones with myself, Chilli and Velvet Teddy by Mac and Inglot HD in the shade 17. Maybe I don't have to wear makeup everyday but the one thing I need to have on me would be good perfumes, now I'm loving Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, smells amazing !



Taking a look back at my trip to Greece last year. It was my first trip I went all by myself and I must say going away somewhere far by yourself and no one behind your back is one of the greatest feelings and experiances ever. Can't wait where I'm gonna get myself travelling this year..



Necklace Lilou, Birkenstock Slippers, Jumpsuit New Look, Michael Kors Espadrilles and Levis 501 in white

Some things I reallllly need in my closet. Maybe not now considering they're mostly summer pieces but still... I'm in love !



Me and my cutiepie !! 

Hello to the cutiest doggie you can ever imagine, my dear Leon ! He's just the most adorable and beloved best friend, in these photos he looks just like a little smoochy smooch hahhahaha :)
Anyways, now I'm off to the market, I wanna buy myself some nice white roses for my apartament and then go to tyhe beach, just to chill a bit. Have an amazing day !



Todays details/ Wearing Zara blouse and Levis 501

It's Fridaaaaay! Not that I'm doing anything crazy like partying tonight but it's still just nice to be happy about the last of the working days :) Me, I'm stuck with some designing projects I gotta do, need some ideas to bump into my head, and please please let it happen quickly ! Also, there will be no free weekend for me this week, that's what happends if you're attending two school at the same time :)
Anyways. this is my fav combo right now, simple but with a twist. As I written, these kind of jeans are my favourite ones, just bought another pair (sick !)



Where I'm hiding right now

At the end of last week I grabbed my dog, made the long way through the whole country and found myself in one of the most beautiful places. We made our way to the mountains. Our very beloved place where there's still lot of snow, where winter lasts half of year, where you can just explore and admire how breath taking and powerful nature is. Amazing !



/Vintage Raincoat/ Levis Overalls/ Zara Turtleneck/

Me and my dog, we're both waaay too much into water. Spending time at the beach whether it's winteror  summer time is still our favourite thing to do (Leon actually has never spent a summer living near the sea, he's only 8 months old but we're getting there, only few months left !). Walking (or in my case chasing) your dog with sand and water around is not easy or pleasant for your clothes, anyway we gotta deal with it. Last year I was looking for a nice raincoat, found these from Rains (so so in love !), couldn't really decide on which one to pick. At the same time I found this black oversized anorak in a vintage shop and I must say I couldn't want more. It's perfect. Black, simple, with a huge hood.